Last Week Tonight host John Oliver explained in this latest video the dangers of America’s infrastructure problems.

Most Americans are generally aware of the importance of our country’s infrastructure in business, quality of life and safety in the event of an emergency.

But our nation’s budget and attention to the standards of dams, roads, bridges and pipelines are severely lacking.

In an episode of Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver tackled this very issue with some startling revelations.

The average age of dams throughout the country is 52-years and most have little-to-no inspections throughout the years. The state of Alabama doesn’t have an inspector for all 2,000+ dams located throughout the state. That’s not all, 70,000 bridges have been deemed structurally deficient where the former Transportation Secretary has said them “dangerous.”

It’s so bad the World Economic Forum ranked the U.S. infrastructure 16th out of all countries.

But as with most government operations, gaining additional funding is usually an uphill battle. In a recent Wired piece, they stated “Inaction at the federal level has made finding broad-based funding and congestion reduction solutions less likely than ever before.”

Where this problem begins and ends is at the federal level. The US Highway Trust Fund, the largest funding source for infrastructure in this country, was close to going bankrupt back in May of 2015. While a temporary bill was extended for another three months, the estimated $3.6 trillion price tag to fix the nation’s infrastructure will continue to be an issue unless it’s seriously addressed.

You can watch the full segment from John Oliver’s show below that offers up more examples of our failed transportation focus and possible solutions to fix it.