Your website is the digital handshake to a potential customer. Make sure it’s a good experience by finding out exactly where you rank in the modern marketing era.

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In today’s internet age, impatient users will leave a website and never come back if your site takes longer than six seconds to load. Find out if your website is costing you valuable sales leads.


2017 is the first year that mobile traffic will outpace desktop traffic to websites from all over the world. Do you know if your website is mobile responsive?


Customers go to Google to solve their problems. And you could be using those search keywords to help those potential customers find your company.


Google now values secure websites over every one else. Show Google and your customers that you care about online security by protecting every visitor that comes to your website.


About MLM

Modern Logistics Marketing (MLM) was founded by Blythe Brumleve  of GuysGirl Media who got her start in logistics marketing back in 2008 when she was hired to be the right hand woman to the CEO, COO and CFO.

In addition to assisting with daily business operations, Brumleve soon found herself in charge of the marketing for a $140-million dollar 3PL with more than 50 company owned trucks.

Flash forward to 2017 and with nearly a decade of logistics marketing experience, MLM was launched. In just a short time, our team has been able to implement modern marketing strategies at a variety of companies that has helped generate thousands of leads and optimize their business processes.

From search engine optimization (SEO) to digitizing cumbersome documents, MLM has a solution for your digital marketing needs.

Blythe Brumleve, founder of MLM